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How to Engage your Children to Read

Robert Andrew Provan

By Robert Provan

Teaching a child to enjoy reading is a challenge, but it’s easier to do if they enjoy reading. If they read on a subject that interests them, odds are they will expand to read on other topics as they mature. If you have young readers in your life, who need some help seeing reading as a fun activity, here are some tips to make reading fun:

Let Them Choose the Topic

Every child is different. There is no guaranteed rule on picking the correct subject to inspire a child to read. Choosing a book on a topic they ask many questions on is an excellent place to start. Does your child ask about birds? Fish? Cars? Space? Introduce them to books on this subject on their grade level to open a conversation on reading. You can even take them to the book store or library to see all the books they find interesting. Of course, you never know what book may ignite the avid reader in your child.

Read With Them

Children love time with their parents or guardian, and reading to them is a beautiful
way to feed their minds. You can bring the story alive together by incorporating
sounds or actions.

Create Experiences

As parents, we know children hate straightforward lessons. Kids tend to tune out to
direct educational lessons. But when you hide these lessons in the reading routine
on a subject, they find it enjoyable—reading a book on birds? Take a trip to try and
find the birds discussed in the book or go online and do a Google search to learn
more. This type of engagement will help pique the young reader’s interest while at the same time creating lasting memories.
If children are engaged and enjoying themselves, they are learning. When children have positive interactions with books, they develop good feelings about reading, which will motivate them to continue seeking out books and other literacy materials.