Kiki & Slugger's Magic Spring Adventure

The kid’s educational series continues in the enchanting setting of the Florida Keys with “Kiki & Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure,” a heartwarming tale of friendship, environmental stewardship, and the magic that happens when both collide. Kiki, a Key deer, and Slugger, a playful Labrador, discover a mysterious spring with magical properties.

As word spreads, animals from all corners of the Keys—ranging from spirited dolphins to pelicans—gather at this magical locale, each filled with curiosity and wonder. Together, they learn valuable lessons on how each species—humans included—can contribute to keeping the Florida Keys a paradise brimming with life, magic, and natural beauty.

Join Kiki, Slugger, and their diverse group of animal friends as they embark on an adventure that leaves them—and readers—filled with hope, purpose, and a newfound respect for the environment. This beautifully illustrated children’s book not only takes young readers on a magical journey through one of America’s natural wonders but also instills the important message that taking care of the Earth is a responsibility shared by all, big and small.

Sammy and Scarlett's coral reef Adventure

Join Sammy and Scarlett on a thrilling adventure as they journey from their current home in the mangrove forests through seagrass meadows to their future home – the colorful coral reefs of the Florida Keys.

On this journey, they make new friends, use the knowledge they gained in the mangroves, and overcome unexpected challenges. Experience their adventure with them as they reach their final destination, the beautiful coral reefs of the Florida Keys, which they’ll soon call home.

This kid’s educational series is now an award winner!

Award Winning Children's Book

Coral Reef Coloring Adventure

This companion coloring book to Sammy and Scarlett’s Coral Reef Adventure lets your imagination flow! Color the illustrations from the book as you want to create your own version of the story. 

Sammy and scarlett's mangrove adventure

This children’s book tells the tale of Sammy and Scarlett traveling to the Mangroves. Sammy lives in the tidal pools off of the Florida Keys with his friend Scarlett. He is small but fast, and his speed helps him survive the perils of the ocean. His friends help him, too, as he learns the important roles everyone plays in the ecosystem of the sea.

Mangrove Coloring Adventure

Paint your version of Sammy and Scarlett’s Mangrove Adventure in this companion coloring book and let your imagination run wild.

Ronnie the Raindrop

Go with the flow with the children’s book Ronnie the Raindrop as he travels to the Endless Sea’s highest heights and deepest depths!

Ronnie the Raindrop goes on a journey to discover where the rain comes from and how clouds are formed. As he goes on this adventure, his fellow waterdrops and animal friends teach him all about his destiny and water cycle.

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The children’s books Ronnie the Raindrop & Sammy and Scarlett Adventure give families fun and exciting stories to share while providing solid lessons about the beauty of the natural world and the importance of working together to protect it. The author’s vision is that very young children can have the stories read to them and that as these children learn to read themselves, they can, in turn, read the books to family and friends. Each book provides a lesson on the environment and conservation that will hopefully stay with the reader for a lifetime. These books are intended as a multi-generational environmental protection call to action.