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Kiki & Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure – Hard Cover

Discover the magic of friendship and environmental care in “Kiki & Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure.” Set in the stunning Florida Keys, this beautifully illustrated tale follows Kiki the Key deer and Slugger the Labrador as they stumble upon a magical spring. Joined by a colorful cast of animal friends, from playful dolphins to pelicans, they learn how every species—including humans—can contribute to preserving this paradise. Embark on a heartwarming journey that leaves readers of all ages filled with hope, purpose, and a deep respect for nature.


Kiki & Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure – Hard Cover


In the enchanting setting of the Florida Keys, “Kiki & Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure” is a heartwarming tale of friendship, environmental stewardship, and the magic that happens when both collide. Kiki, a Key deer, and Slugger, a playful Labrador, discover a mysterious spring with magical properties. As word spreads, animals from all corners of the Keys—ranging from spirited dolphins to pelicans—gather at this magical locale, each filled with curiosity and wonder.

Together, they learn valuable lessons on how each species—humans included—can contribute to keeping the Florida Keys a paradise brimming with life, magic, and natural beauty. Join Kiki, Slugger, and their diverse group of animal friends as they embark on an adventure that leaves them—and readers—filled with hope, purpose, and a newfound respect for the environment.

This beautifully illustrated children’s book not only takes young readers on a magical journey through one of America’s natural wonders but also instills the important message that taking care of the Earth is a responsibility shared by all, big and small.