On my end, I am settling into 2023 and the realities of being newly retired. I must admit to being happy about no longer needing an alarm clock and, to some extent, even a calendar. In my view, these are both excellent things after having spent 40-plus years as an enslaved person to both in no small measure. Construction was (and is) an industry where the achievement of some unrealistic milestones only resulted in the following milestone looming in line to take its place.

Time for this shellback to move on…

I am planning this year’s snorkel/dive trips near and far, in addition to book sale events. One new children’s book will go to the publisher within a week or so, and a second is queued up for the second quarter of 2023. Additionally, one book for grown-ups is very much in the works. The storyline is there with solid bones, but the manuscript needs more plot development for some of the very colorful characters. It will be a delicious and, oft times quirky read.

2023 will be a busy year, but hopefully, one that unfolds at a slightly slower pace. Enjoy.

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  1. Hope to be able to dive with both you and Stephanie this year. Looking forward to the “book for grownups!” To 2023.❤️

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