I.CARE Trash Derby 

I.CARE Trash Derby 

My family and I participate as volunteer scuba divers in the second annual I.CARE Trash Derby. This environmental event was dedicated to removing marine trash from Key Largo to Key West

Log the Right Treasures in Key Largo

In late February, I had the pleasure of making a two-tank dive trip in iconic Key Largo, Florida. My dive buddy for the adventure was a lifelong friend named Jackie. She is my “sister” in my much loved, mutual extended family. Key Largo has, in no small measure, transformed me as a scuba diver over […]

Cruising into 2024: A Caribbean Adventure

Caribbean adventure

I hope everyone had an awesome Holiday Season. My fiancé Stephanie and I just completed a weeklong Caribbean Cruise. It had been several years since my last cruise. I found myself asking why about the time we initially boarded the vessel to sail out of the homeport of Port Canaveral, Florida. The ship was stunning, […]

Introducing ‘Kiki and Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure’: A Vital Addition to the Florida Keys Environmental Children’s Book Series

Florida Keys Environmental Children's Book

Discover ‘Kiki and Slugger’s Magic Spring Adventure,’ a new Florida Keys Environmental Children’s Book that dives deep into the vibrant ecosystems of the Keys. Join Kiki, an endangered Key Deer, and Slugger, a black Labrador, in their quest to understand and protect their natural world. This engaging tale weaves a narrative of friendship, environmental stewardship, and the urgent need to safeguard coral reefs, mangrove forests, and seagrass meadows. A must-read for young environmentalists and families passionate about ocean conservation.

Diving the Dry Tortugas-Flashes of White

diving the dry tortugas

Happy to report that my fiancé Stephanie and I just returned from diving the Dry Tortugas, that included three very remote dive sites located 70 nautical miles from Key West, Florida, and 110 nautical miles from Havana, Cuba. The Dry Tortugas, which include Fort Jefferson National Park, form the southwesternmost tip of the Florida Keys […]

A Very Uncool Dive Trip

Two weeks ago, my fiancé Stephanie and I took another journey to our beloved Florida Keys. We stayed aboard the Lucky Lady 2, a stately, well-seasoned southern bell of a boat permanently moored at the dock in Islamorada’s iconic Bud and Mary’s Marina. This marina is one of our favorite Keys destinations as it offers […]

Exploring the Underwater Wonders of Kauai

Explore Kauai'

As an experienced diver, I had been eagerly anticipating my trip to Kauai for a long time, and it certainly did not disappoint, despite the unpredictable weather. Although we had to adjust our plans due to the captain’s decision, we knew that mother nature always has the final say. When we arrived at the mooring […]

Key West, Diving & Book Sales Update

My fiancé Stephanie and I just returned from yet another epic adventure in the always stunning Florida Keys, and we have a book sales update to announce. But before heading south, we stopped by one of our favorite Floridian restaurants, Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill, at Port Canaveral. Fishlips Waterfront Bar & Grill Fishlips is […]

Introducing Mary Wentzel

mary wentzel

We have been very fortunate indeed to have teamed up with a stellar award-winning artist for our latest children’s books. Her name is Mary Wentzel. A resident of central Florida, Mary brings a very unique perspective to her one-of-a-kind artwork. Mary has enjoyed a long successful career as an educator at some of Florida’s best art, science and history […]